Children Exploitation, the Impact

Topics: Human trafficking, Convention on the Rights of the Child, Prostitution Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: July 10, 2013
The world now at stake. A child now who should be in school, playing football with their friend is being used by irresponsible person for their own benefit. The status quo now clearly show that not every child in the world is raised in normal ways when every government try the best to implement the Act 661.Some part of the world plays a certain role in the black market such as providing child for child slaved and child prostitute because of their national laws include exemptions for example in Kenya prohibits children under 16 years old from industrial work but excludes agricultural work (David, Nov 2011). In simple word, this child is being exploit. Child exploitation is a broad term which includes forced or dangerous labour, child trafficking, and child prostitution. The term is used to refer to situations where children are abused – physically, verbally, or sexually – or when they are submitted to unsatisfactory conditions as part of their forced or voluntary employment (UNICEF, n. d). Many of the children who suffer from exploitation do so because they have no other choice – their parents may need the added income, or the children may be orphaned or responsible for their siblings as a result of war or disease (particular HIV/AIDS). They also have been trafficked or forced into slaved labour, either in their own country or somewhere internationally, and have been living a struggle life, suffering and invisibility within the community. If this continue to happen in every single places at large quantity, not just the world, the country human capital can at dangerous states because the quality of the leader to rule the roost of the country decline. However this paper will analyze the major impact of child exploitation which are the children welfare are abandoned, they mental and physically unstable and preventing the child from growing to his or her full capacities.

One of the most obvious affect is the children welfare...
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