Children Sex Slaves

Topics: Prostitution, Slavery, Human trafficking Pages: 7 (2346 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Children Sex Slaves
Amanda Miranda
Widener University
April 24, 2008

Child Sex Slaves
In many areas around the world such as the United States, Asia, and India, children of poor economic status suffer the painful conditions of sexual trafficking. Millions of children in a waking second suffer from the harms of sexual exploitation and face the outcomes of living life in bondage. Children, being the easier targets of the sex trade market, have suffered great issues such as sexually transmitted diseases, rape, abuse, pregnancy, drug abuse, and abduction from their families and homes. The international growth of prostituting children has robbed them of their innocence and exposes children to live criminal lives (Flowers 148). In the case of child exploitation, many organizations have united to establish and create rights for children who suffer in slavery. Organizations such as the United Nations have come together to create strategies and ways, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to help children in bondage receive freedom. Organizations such as the UN have established laws that have allowed children to come out of bondage an begin new lives. Rights for children’s education after slavery have been created to give life back to children who been taken from their home communities and have been raised in the sex market since birth.

Children around the world have become victims of children pornography and prostitution. Child pornography is often referred to as “kiddie porn” and “child porn.” Child pornography includes photographs, magazines, books, videotapes, audiotapes, motion pictures, and images on Web sites or the Internet that depict children in sexually explicit acts with other children, adults, animals, and foreign objects (Flowers 151). Victims of these life threatening occupations have been subjected to many forms of sexual abuse, perversion, and exploitation such as rape, sadism, pedophilia, triolism, torture, and even murder (Flowers 151). Children suffer a great deal in the actions of living life as young prostitutes. As many people know, children are forced into the sex trade, but some children make the choice of joining the organizations that degrade and torture children. Many child prostitutes are initiated into the sex trade by being coerced into performing pornographic sexual acts as a way to normalize prostitution and lower the child’s resistance (Flowers 151). Also other young prostitutes turn to kiddie porn to earn money for the support of a family, or even to contribute to a drug addiction. This shows that children across the world have somewhat of a choice to decide whether they would like to be victims of this degrading act, but in the case of many, this is a life that they must become accustomed to. Children living in poor environments trying to make an income to support their families have also become pawns of this horrible game of the sex trade. The sexual exploitation of children is fueled by poverty, set against a backdrop of economic disparity, discrimination, and the often willful disregard by government officials of human rights and rule of law (Mahler 80). Children of poor communities often have to fend for themselves as they are left alone to make decisions on their own. Many children abducted by slave market owners may be put in this horrible occupation by the hands of their own parents. Many parents in poor communities believe in giving their children the opportunities to grow as they believe their children will be able to receive an education and become wealthy stable adults. Also parents of young poor children believe that they are also going to be able to support themselves as well as their families, and so they turn to prostitution.

For many sex markets, the mass number of clients are known as sex tourists. “This major component to the international sexual exploitation of children is know as sexual tourism, where tourism is organized with the primary...
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