Christianity and Buddhism from Past to Future

Topics: Gautama Buddha, Buddhism, Noble Eightfold Path Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Christianity and Buddhism from Past to Future
Around the world the religions of Christianity and Buddhism are practiced by millions of people. Both were started by a man who say something wrong with the world and sought out to change it. They have different ways of practicing but have similar basic ideas. Religions themselves have been around since the beginning of time but these two have held their ground for hundreds of years. Buddhism from the east will stay strong and change little but continue to grow, where Christianity will do what it’s done in the past which will allow it too to stand its ground and continue to grow in our ever changing world.

Buddhism began with a man named Siddhartha he had everything anyone could want in life, wealth, looks, wife, son, he had it all. His father did everything he possibly could to keep his son shielded from the world. Siddhartha knew nothing of pain or sickness till one day he went to the market and saw the “real world.” He saw a man who was old and sick but happy and he didn’t understand how that could be. So he left all the things that people dream about to search for enlightenment. He spent time with Hindu masters and ascetics, and after almost dying he discovered the middle way. The middle way is a key concept in the Buddhist religion it is giving the body what it needs to function optimally, but not giving into indulgences. Siddhartha went into a deep meditation for a long time and awoke the Buddha. People would ask Buddha what he was and he would simply reply, “I am awake.” That became his title Buddha which means the enlightened one, or the awakened one. Buddhism began with a man who, while the world was wrapped up in human life, woke up from it all.

Buddhism has a few major concepts one being the middle way, which Buddha himself discovered that opened his eyes to enlightenment. The four noble truths was his first teaching after leaving the immovable spot where he sat for forty nine days, and it is what...
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