Classical Societies

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Classical Societies Essay

Starting with the beginning of Greece with the classical Greece, artwork has had different meanings. With the classical Greece greatly supporting their athletics by creating a discus thrower statue, to the Hellenistic Greece creating the Laocoon and His Sons statue; artwork has told many stories. Just about every type of artwork has different meanings, or different interoperations and this is not in any way different from ancient Greece. Greece seem to write more historic times or events in their artwork with the Romans creating more of an individual side to their artwork. This is evident with the Roman Empire creating a statue of Augustus of Primaporta, and the Temple of Vesta (Benton & DiYanni, 2008). Classical Greece had a different of unique type of art work. One of these types of art work is the Myron of Athens. This particular artwork is a statue of a discus thrower from 450 B.C.E. The artwork reveals the was that that ancient Greeks would celebrate the human body and physical accomplishments to include their sporting contests (Benton & DiYanni, 2008). The relationship between the art and culture is very obvious through the ancient Geek beliefs in that sporting contest where a top priority. The discus thrower is based from the genre of sports which is influenced from the culture of that civilization mainly because of all of the sports that were played during that time. The Laocoon and His Sons was a sculpture that was created by the Hellenistic Greece civilization. The artwork expresses the struggle between serpents and Laocoon and his sons. It was said that the serpents were sent by Poseidon after Laocoon inserted a spar into the wooden horse (Lahanas, 2010). The relationship between the artwork and the culture shows the struggle of the Trojan’s because the Greeks overtook them. This type of statue influenced the Trojan’s in that it was the greatest struggle and embarrassment that they had ever had to...

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