Cleaning Business Plan

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September 30, 2011


Cofield Cleaning Service is a start-up business that provides cleaning services for residential homes. Primary services include floor, window, and bathroom care. The business is seeking $5,900 for equipment, supplies, and advertising.

The name and address of the business is:
Cofield’s Cleaning Service
600 Hunterdale Road
Franklin, VA 23851
Phone: 757-304-9401
Fax: 757-304-9401

The name and address of the business owner is:
Sonji Morton Cofield
600 Hunterdale Road
Franklin, VA 23851

The potential market for Cofield Cleaning Service is 210 households in the hometown area based on her research. The average target customer is 35 to 65 years of age and earns $45,000 or more annually. There are three competitors serving the area. Cofield’s competitive advantage is that it can attract customers with a more personalized, professional cleaning that is “Satisfaction Guaranteed.”

Organization Plan
This business is a sole proprietorship with no employees. The owner will manage the finances and perform the work.


Nature of the Business
Cofield Cleaning Service is an insured, residential cleaning service. It offers cleaning service tailored to its customers’ needs. Most customers will likely request weekly cleaning. There is also a need to offer in-depth cleaning on an as-needed basis.

History of the Business
* None - this is a start-up business.
* Legal Structure of the Business
* Sole proprietorship, Sally Sparkle, proprietor.
* Past Work Experience
* The owner has five years of experience as an employee for Merry Maids, Inc. * Reasons the Business Will Succeed
* The belief that the business will succeed is based on the proprietor’s * Knowledge, experience, and determination to succeed.

Services provided include cleaning of floors, windows, cabinets, dishes, laundry, and furniture, and watering of houseplants. This service will save the customer time and energy of doing the work. The customer has the benefit of enjoying a clean and attractive home. The customer also has extra leisure time for entertaining guests, enjoying hobbies, or any other activities.

Start-up money will be used for a vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies, hand-held vacuum, buckets, rags and other miscellaneous supplies. See attached list and bids for equipment.

Cofield’s Cleaning Service will provide cleaning supplies used. Ten homes cleaned weekly per month will cost approximately $80 per month (total) for cleaning supplies, which will be purchased from mass merchandisers such as Wal-Mart in Hometown. Driving to and from these homes will cost approximately $30 per month. Cleaning ten homes will take approximately 40 hours per week with an average cleaning time of four hours.

In the next two years, Cofield Cleaning Service will expand its services to commercial customers and will hire employees to meet the new demand.

Services will be directly supplied to the end-users in their homes.

There are many new, larger homes being built in the area. According to the city’s building permits issued each year: * 18 homes of over 3000 square feet were built one year ago. * 21 homes of over 3000 square feet were built two years ago. * According to “Domestic Details” in Income Opportunities magazine, March 2011, more women were hiring cleaning services to ease the strain of their hectic lifestyles - over 20% of households surveyed had hired a cleaning service, an increase of 5% from the previous year.

Cofield targeted customer profile includes working families. The ages range from 35 to 65 years. The average annual income is $45,000 or more. According to census information (see attached), from the population of 5,000 households, 21% of the...
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