Communication Science

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Introduction to Communication Science

Hersinta, MSi. Email: (best way to contact) • Educational Background: – 1998 – S1 jurusan Komunikasi – FISIP, Universitas Indonesia – 2002 – S2 jurusan Manajemen Komunikasi – Pascasarjana Univ. Indonesia • Teaching: – Intro to Comm Science, Seminar of Research Proposal, Sistem Komunikasi Indonesia, Communication Theory, Intro. to Mass Comm, Intro to Journalism (LSPR); PR Management (UI). • Mass Media and Other Experiences: – Rolling Stone Indonesia (editor, 2005-2006), F1 Racing Indonesia (editor, 20002005), M97FM (announcer, 1997-2000), Kompas (freelance researcher, 19961997), detikcom (freelance writer, 2000), ICTWatch (associate researcher, 2002now), writer for numerous mass media sub

Lecturing Schedule

Introduction of Communication Field of Communication
Communication Process and Models Perception and Filters of Communication

Comm & Human Behavior

1 2
3 4

Study Guide

6 7 8

Channel & Feedback
Verbal Communication, Language and Meaning Non Verbal Communication Mid exam

Lecturing Schedule

9 10 11
12 13 14 & 15 16


Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Communication Group, Organization and Public Communication Mass Communication Intercultural Communication Communication Skill Group Presentation

Final Exam

Standar Penilaian
• Mid test : 20% Final test 40%
• Coursework: tugas (blog, paperwork), diskusi, kuis, keaktifan di kelas • Absensi: 20% • Rules & Regulations: - no use of phone cell in class - late entry pass needed after attendance session

Understanding Theory in Communication

Book References
• Brent D Ruben & Lea P Stewart, Communication and Human Behavior, (5th ed) Pearson Publication, 2006. • Study Guide Introduction to Communication Science • Richard West, Lynn H. Turner. Introducing Communication Theory, Analysis and Application (3rd ed.), 2007. McGraw-Hill


Rules in Classroom
No lateness will be allowed

No chit chat, cell phones, ipod, MP3, magazine, etc
No food, drink, snack, snap

Permitted to the toilet will be allowed but only one by one

What will you learn in this session?
 Why Learning Communication Science? What is Communication?  Understanding the process & elements of communication

Why should we study


Why Learning (Comm) Science?
 Communication is fundamental
 Communication is complex  Communication is vital  Communication is popular

Communication is fundamental to our lives for example:
• A recent graduate interviews for a job • Friends hundred of miles apart echange e-mail messages (or facebook, or twitter, etc) • A doctor talks with a patient • Developing interpersonal relationship romance

Communication is complex and multifaceted
• We face many complex situations • Communication challenges in many relationships (e.g: personal, family, workplace, etc)

Communication is vital to occupational effectiveness

Communication competencies which are important in workplace: • Writing and listening • Public speaking • Interpersonal and group communication • Leadership • Networking • Teamwork & collaboration • Meeting skills • Information tech skills • Intercultural sensitivity

Communication is POPULAR
And vibrant field of study •

So, what is

COMMUNICATION, by the way?

 What is Communication?

 Understanding Process of Communication

Communication can be….

… Exchange glances and gesturals between lovers

… People using sign language

… A talk show on television

… a knowing

smile, or


thoughtful walk on the

Chit chat with friends

a good book
for more meanings of communication , we should look after this page…

Secara etimologis, comunication (Inggris) berasal dari kata Latin yaitu communis yang berarti ‘sama’ dan communico, communicatio,communicare yang berarti ‘membuat sama’ (to make common)

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