Compare and Contrast Rome and Han Women

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The women of the ancient world were mostly viewed as property, just wives to have and make children with. Nothing more was thought of them, and that was considered normal. In Ancient Athens and the Roman Republic there was no exception. The women were the mans' property, compared to their own person. The status of women in both Ancient Athens and the Roman Republic were mostly similar in many aspects considering both of these women were very not appreciated and not used in any form of government. However despite the strict limitations of both women, the Roman women were less constrained compared to Greek women, for instance Roman women were considered citizens, while this was unheard of in Athens.

In both Athens and the Roman Republic there was limited records of women, because they played no public role in society. In Athens, democracy, the act of electing representatives for government, completely excluded women. This is the same for the Roman Republic, for instance men elected the Senate and the Assembly, and they were only electing men. The women of Rome and Athens also share similarities in the aspect of marriage. At all times in their lives women had to have a guardian. In the beginning of their life this was their father and when they grew up, they were chosen a husband. The husband held most control of everything the two owned as a couple, limiting the women to do much of anything. In both Athens and Rome, upper class women were homebodies, while both lower class citizen women were out in the field doing labor work. Athenian women and the Roman Republic women were similar in many aspects.

Although the similarities of both ancient women are plentiful, there are also many differences between the two. In ancient Rome, women gained greater personal protection and economic freedom. Some women had a form of marriage that left them under the rule of her father and was considered independent...
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