Compare and contrast the teachings in the foundation period of Hinduism and Buddhism

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Compare and contrast the teachings in the foundation period of Hinduism and Buddhism

Both Hinduism and Buddhism originated in India. Hinduism and Buddhism are both amongst the top five religions within the world with some considering both religions to be the most prominent and profound in the world. Hinduism can be define as a common religion that developed in India based upon the original Aryan settlers, evolving from what once was Vedas,1developing around 200 BCE. Compared to Buddhism, which was founded in India by Buddha around 250 BCE.2 Due to their shared origin Buddhism and Hinduism share some similar teachings, however, the time gap between the foundation of both religions there is also seen to be significant differences in beliefs and teachings.

Hinduism was not founded by any sort of prophet, rather it developed through the Aryan’s a nomadic tribe that entered northwest India in 1500BCE. The Aryans were pastoral nomads that were hunters, herders and warrior’s involved in warfare over the land. The time of the Aryans was within the Vedic period. During this time, early Vedic religion recognised many gods/goddesses, approximately 33. However, there is now three main Gods, Brahma; the creator of life, Vishnu the preserve of life and Siva/Shiva the destroyer of life. The roles and actions of these gods can be found in the fundamental period principles of Brahmanism.

Whereas, Buddhism does not have a god, rather the Buddhists keep an image of Buddha instead.3 Buddhism developed through the teachings and life of Siddhartha Guatama, commonly known as Buddha. After fleeing his home, Buddha entered the path of enlightenment studying Indian masters learning philosophies and meditation techniques. During Buddha’s journey of enlightenment he developed the wheel of teaching, that is, rather than worshiping one god or gods,...
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