Comparing Hinduism and Buddhism

Topics: Buddhism, Hinduism, Gautama Buddha Pages: 3 (1250 words) Published: December 17, 2012
There are many religions in the world and they each have thousands of followers. Even though they all have something that they believe in; each religion varies. Buddhism and Hinduism have both have a form of rebirth, but they have different opinions on the caste system and the idea of having a god or gods.

In both Hinduism and Buddhism they have a form of rebirth apart of their religion. In this rebirthing/ reincarnation process the followers are trying to achieve perfect harmony and to get out of the process altogether. In Hinduism the people cannot fulfill everything thing they need to in the religion like get to the top of the caste system and live the perfect life. So when they die their soul is immediately transported into another living being while it is being born. When people are living they do not know that their souls have moved up in the caste system since their last body, so they know that they have to continue to live right so their soul can move up again. The Caste System is the social system Hindus follow to follow their rules of Hinduism. When a soul is ‘transported’ into a new body the owner does not know any details from its past life. Their soul completes this cycle by getting into the top of the caste system and it reaches Moksha. Moksha is when your soul is finally released into the universe. While in Buddhism you can fulfill the purpose of the religion in one lifetime, the purpose is to achieve Nirvana. Nirvana is being able to and capable of being completely content with your life, mainly not having any desires in this life. You can only achieve Nirvana if you follow the Eight Fold Path and the Four Noble Truths. Those are both the rules put in place to help guide the people in achieving Nirvana. In Buddhism if you do not achieve Nirvana in one life then your soul is placed in another body until your new body achieves it. Most of the time people achieve Nirvana in their life time and their soul is released into the universe for...
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