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In general conflict resolution is mostly concentrated on the conflicts that have occurred in the public. In this report I have tried to explain the circumstances that lead to conflict in workplace. This report analyses the situation using organizational behaviour concepts and gives an alternatives to avoid this kind of situations in future and my learning’s.

Time period: August 2013

Paul and I were working alongside as senior sales engineers from last one and half year at machine tool distribution and trading company in Hyderabad, it’s a bureaucratic organization. Our responsibilities are same but the regions were different. I was in-charge of three regions that are Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai; Paul was in-charge of Bombay-Pune and Delhi. We both were competing each other for the promotion.

Zulekha was administrative assistant and her job was to preparing quotations, sales agreements, invoicing and other paper work. She holds BBA degree and was couple of months senior to me in the company. Zulekha was a cognitive miser who doesn’t want to spend energy and time on unnecessary issues and was not interested in people and their politics.

Paul has done a diploma in mechanical and he works very hard. He intrinsically motivated towards this job, really enjoys his work and feels that he got the job that suits him. He is extrinsically motivated towards the bonus, promotion and also motivates his team by offering extra sales commission (extrinsic) to exceed the targets. He is smart and has good people management skills but lacks in communication and short tempered. Having couple of interaction with him, I have perceived him to be very humble and jovial. One day Paul and I went for happy hours after work and discussed various issues regarding job, targets, team management etc. According to him no one likes to work or take responsibility, everyone needs a constant push or a reminder. This statement focuses on the Theory X of the organizational behavior concept, which states that employees dislike and try to avoid work, and must be coerced in doing it. However I believe in Theory Y that is every employee should be empowered and should be accountable for his work.

I am an Aircraft Engineer and 7 months junior to Paul in the company. Management was considering me for a promotion because of my proficiency in communication; I always exceeded sales targets and performed above projections. As mentioned by my manager (Mr Ravindra) during job interview proficiency in English was one of the important factors for promotion because most of our suppliers are from UK, during interview, mainly because of my proficiency in English and according to the halo effect he believed that I was a good fit for the company

My manager (Mr Ravindra) was discussing about an issue with Paul, which had been escalated by our client. The issues was that the client had to stop production for couple of days and had to bear loss due to delay in supplies from our end. The reason for the delay was a mistake in purchase order to our principles. Even though zulekha prepares the purchase order, it was Paul’s job to check and approve before sending due to various technical details. But doesn’t bothered to check the specifications in purchase order thinking that the item is a standard item whereas the item was a special item. Mr Ravindra expressed his displeasure and asked Paul why the purchase order was wrong in spite of having necessary comments and informing from the client in a strong tone, however he defended himself by putting blame on Zulekha. Unexpected incident made Paul furious on zulekha and he started yelling at her on the floor asking for an explanation as to why such a mistake could happen (Self-serving bias). The sentences that I could remember are “What kind of idiot are you?” “Are you really that stupid or is it that you don’t care?” Even though...
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