Consultant Scenario Paper And Presentation

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Consultant Scenario Paper and Presentation
Learning Team A: Dominic Nakagawa, Marcy Melendrez, Leslie Hernandez, Liz Ragasa and William Kersey GEN 480
September 11th, 2014
Doctor Mike Rodrigues
Consultant Scenario Paper and Presentation
The Human Nature Project consulting firm’s mission is help underage women change their situations by giving them hope to transform their lives and no longer be victimized. A new way of life and a view of self-worth for the victims of underage prostitution to have a new start within their community is needed here in Clark County for the following reasons: 1) Children cannot consent to prostitution and are considered to be victims of child sex trafficking 2) Underage prostitution is on the rise in Clark County 3) Some minors are charged as criminals instead of being looked at as victims. A.A summary of the type of consulting firm and the services you will offer The type of service that the Human Nature Project Firm will offer to the school district will be a young women empowerment program. Our program will be a lecture group given to teen girls who are at risk of the human trafficking sex industry. We will target the schools with the largest population of girls, and as the program grows, extend to all the surrounding schools in the area. The goal of HNP partnering with the school district is to serve as prevention for young girls. The topics of discussion in our program will include: self-worth, self-esteem, and ways to stay safe, warning signs of potential human trafficking and what to do if this happens to you or someone that you know. The goal is for the girls to become pro-active in their choices for the future and to equip them with the knowledge to make wise choices. Analyze the need

The Human Nature firm is just a start into the field of prostitution and young women who are a part of it. “Many women enter prostitution as minors and use the income to support a drug habit or to stave off homelessness. Many suffered abuse as children. They have extremely high rates of on-the-job victimization [3]—possibly the highest homicide rate of any group of women studied thus far.” (Moses, 2005). The prevention of young women going into the brutal field of prostitution is a very necessary need and one that is under recognized. Our firm will help these girls to find other alternatives to this way of life and help them move toward more positive outcomes. The Pros of Consulting

Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world and it can happen to anyone. Making people aware of this devastating crime, will gives a person good insightful ways to learn about this issue and be inspired to become part of the solution. The best way to end domestic sex trafficking is to STOP IT BEFORE IT STARTS. Prevention education is needed and this dynamic training is for professionals who may come into contact with sex trafficking victims. Key Audiences: Teachers, Social Workers, Law Enforcement, Health Care Professionals, Concerned Community Members. Training topics can be customized to meet audience needs ("Sex trafficking Awareness & Prevention", 2013). Human trafficking can often go unnoticed, even by individuals interacting with a victim on a regular basis. Recognizing the “red flags,” or indicators, can help alert school administrators and staff to a human trafficking situation. (“U.S Department Of Justice, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children", 2013). Problems or Issues (our specialty)

There are many possible problematic situations that may arise when dealing with vulnerable populations. Young women who are at risk to many possible situations can be difficult to manage and even unpredictable. Everyone is at risk of coming across legal issues and a consulting firm is no different. Another risk factor is the fact that our clients may be in possible legal action and that puts the firm at more of a risk. Therefore, it is important for the NHP to have legal...

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