Contributions of Rome

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"All roads lead to Rome." This quote holds much truth as what Rome has left to Western Civilization is brought to light. The Roman made countless contributions to Western Civilization, but a few are the most significant of all. Rome, the most important civilization to the Western World, left a great legacy, paving the road for the spread of Christianity, forming the basis for republic, and allowing for a widespread diffusion of culture.

Though not Rome's intention, it allowed Christianity to spread and flourish throughout Western Civilization. Rome, unified under one government, made possible the passing of information very quickly, thus greatly assisting the spread of Christianity. Even in the wake of persecution from such rulers as Diocletian and Maximian, Christianity continued to grow in strength. People were converted daily to this attracting faith. Men like St. Paul, who before becoming a Christian was a heavy persecutor of them, fervently preached the growing faith, adding more to their numbers. In addition, the cold religion of the Romans made Christianity extremely appealing, as Christianity offered a personal relationship with a deity who offered an everlasting life of beatitude after death. With the weakening government of Rome, the Christian church began to seize the power that the state lost, allowing more and more converts to be won over to the faith. Also, with the rise of the ruler, Constantine, who made Christianity legal, Christianity took the upper hand as Christian laws were passed and enforced. During Rome's reign, the spread of Christianity flourished, making way for Christianity to evolve from a small following of people to an accepted faith of multitudes. This incredible, though unintentional, contribution forever changed the course of history.

The Roman Republic left a form of government similar to the democracy of Greece but with the ability to govern large bodies of people. Rome used a representation method, where senators...
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