Corporate Culture

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Q4. Explain organizational symbols, stories, heroes, slogans, ceremonies, and explain their relationship to corporate culture

Symbols: convey the organization’s important values.
Stories: true events repeated to keep organizations primary values alive Heroes: a figure who exemplifies the deeds, character and attributes of a strong corporate culture. Slogans: saying to convey a special meaning to employees.

Ceremonies: events that provide dramatic examples of organization values. Organizational culture represents the values, understandings, and basic assumptions that employees share, and these values signified by these events. Managers help define important symbols, stories, heroes, slogans and ceremonies to shape culture

Q5, define a cultural leader and explain the tools a symbolic leader uses to change corporate culture A culture leader defines and uses signals and symbols to influence corporate culture. Cultural leader influence culture in two key areas: (1)The cultural leader articulates (express ones thinking clearly) a vision for the organizational culture that employees can believe in and that generates excitement. (2) The cultural leader heeds (pay attention to ) the day-to –day activities that reinforce the cultural vision.

Q6:Many companies are ‘going green’ or adopting environmentally friendly business strategies. How do companies benefit from going green?

The best way to kick start your going green efforts are to cost-cutting your business to the right priorities and the right solutions. there are five areas, 1), out communication costs: ask yourself how significant of an expense it is to your business to enable communication among your employees, and between your employees and your clients. 2).reduce overhead costs: similar to calculating the costs relating to your communications, it’s important for businesses to think about how much overhead you’re paying, in which money you could save. 3). take better advantage of information...
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