Corprate Culture of 5 Star

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Corporate Culture of 5 Star and Amtech
Culture may be defined as how a society perceives the world and how it should operate. Culture includes the beliefs, values, attitudes, and expectations for behavior that the society believes to be good, effective, desirable and beneficial. Organizations have unique culture even though they belong to the same industry. In this case, 5 Star Electronics and Amtech Electronics have different cultures even though both of these organizations belong to Electronics Industry and are in same state, Ohio. The leadership style of the organization decides the culture. Culture is the environment that surrounds you at work. Culture is also shapes your work environment along with your work relationships. The organizational culture can be identified by using the four variables which are Flexibility, Internal Focus, External Focus and Stability. The four variables are used to state the culture of a given organization. The basic types of corporate cultures are along with the dimensions are listed in the below table: Type of Corporate Culture Dimensions

Clan Culture Flexibility, Internal Focus
Bureaucratic Culture Internal Focus, Stability
Adaptability Culture Flexibility, External Focus
Achievement Culture Stability, External Focus
The present discussion is to understand the corporate culture of 5 Star Electronics and Amtech Electronics using the above dimensions. Corporate Culture of 5 Star and Amtech
1Q. Using the competing values model, what type of culture would you say dominant as 5 Star? At Ametech? What is your evidence? A: The competing value model is used to identify type of culture in the given organizations. 5 Star Electronics

At 5 Star Electronics Bureaucratic corporate cultures is observed. Evidence
The company has detailed organizational charts. The roles and responsibilities are defined narrowly. Every employee at 5 Star performs the tasks according to job roles and...

References: 1. Daft, R. L., & Lane, P. G. (2011). The Leadership experience (5 ed.). Australia: South-Western Cengage Learning
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