Create an Original Microsoft Word Table or Chart to Compare and Contrast Distinguishing Elements or Features of Early Greek and Roman Cultures, Including Illustrative or Significant Examples of the Various Features. Be

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Ancient Greece Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Greek & Roman Cultures
HUMA215-1204A-20: Topics in Cultural Studies
Jasmin I. Caddel
American InterContinental University
August 26, 2012

Greek & Roman Cultures
| Greece| Rome|
Geographical Terrain| Mediterranean, hilly country sides, near water, has many islands, Further south located than the Romans; The Greek did not have an empire and none of the cities were able to become dominant over the others| Mediterranean, just a few coastlines, mountain sides; Further north located from Greece; Mostly populated the Italian peninsula| Economy| Worked slaves; Coinage used as currency;| Worked slaves; Coinage used as currency| Trade Practices| Based on agriculture & sea salt as their main trade; Greece also traded into the distance; Mine work| Trades were also based on agricultures; Trades were placed with other, more local cities; Exports of wine & oil was a big practice as well; Mine work; | Government| City-state focused democracy in Athena; Sparta showed limited monarchy; These city states also focused on expanding at the expense of their neighbors and accumulating lesser allies by forming leagues of city states to help in that endeavor; Kings also ruled in Athena| Republican government system; Power was split within several individuals; System was based on a Senate; 3 Assemblies, and an appointed Executive Magistrate; Surrounding cities of Rome had to warfare and admit the primacy of Rome and had to serve the city whenever needed; Before the republican government came into place, kings were ruling q1| Art & Architecture| Art was superior to Roman art; Artists tried to achieve an ideal artistic form; Renaissance; Most of arts and architecture were built for religious purposes | Artists were about creating realistic portraits for decoration; Architecture was mainly built for religious purposes; Statues of great personages were the main focus of art| Philosophy & Religion| Philosophy & religion formed the...

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