Crime Against Women: an Obstruction to Their Empowerment

Topics: Crime, Female genital cutting, Sociology Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: April 8, 2013
"O ye woman Arise,awake and stop not till the goal is reached" -swami Vivekananda
These words of swami Vivekananda are really an enthusiastic one but;the question ,which comes to mind, is whether the patriarchal socity digests such enthusiasm of women.The answer is probably towards the negative side, the woman has been taken for granted. Crime against woman is of course an obstruction to their empowerment.There should be no doubt in it.For millions of women,their home itself is the most dangerous place they could be.Far from being a place of safety,the family is often a cradle of violence.Thousand of women suffer cruelties in their homes every day from all family members.The reason may be arguing with in laws,refusing for for frequent sex or any unintentional defect in prepared foodstuffs.These shameful acts are often ignored and sometimes even condoned by by the state on the grounds of being a private or personal matter.Such violence often takes an ugly form of divorce and sometimes even murder,when the women tries to get her share of justice.In extreme cases,the suffering women even rides herself of harsh cruelties.Such crimes against women are often culture and place specific,like dowry burning in India and Pakistan,bride price murders in Zambia,shooting in USA and many other different form of the world. In india,an estimated 98 women are murdered every weak by their husband or in-laws,quite often over dowry disputes.In USA,74% of the total murder of women from domestic violence occurs,after the women has left the relationship and filed for divorce or sought a restraining order against her partner.Similar ugly stories are heard from many other countries as well. These examples are only few among the loads of barbarous crimes which women face,with global sex trade,rape female genital mutilation to mention a few.These have worsened the plight of women.Female genital mutilation is extensively practiced in parts of Africa and Middle East.Young...
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