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Topics: Illegal immigration, Human trafficking, Immigration to the United States Pages: 9 (2105 words) Published: May 25, 2015

Social Structure Theory: Prostitution Among Immigration Routes Jamie Pierce
March 30, 2015
G. Andrew Smith
Social structure theories view societal, financial, and social arrangements or structures as the primary cause of deviant and criminal behaviors (University of Phoenix, 2013). In other words, the primary cause of crime or deviant behavior can be traced to the less fortunate, or lower class of people. Social structure theories indicate that neighborhoods of lower class individuals suffer from immense strain, stress, frustration, and a kind of disorganized chaos that creates crime (Inchaustegui, n.d.). While this theory definitely has some truths regarding resources and some people’s experiences, certain strains do not necessarily come from a person’s frustration with having the American Dream (Inchaustegui, n.d.). But instead a concoction of strains such as frustrations about poverty, deviant values, subcultures, abuse, neglect, and homelessness (Inchaustegui, n.d.).. In other words, there is likely more than one specific factor in play when considering how a person is influenced to commit a crime based on his or her interaction with a specific economic class. Although this seems like an impossible battle fought up hill, there are also cases when a person encounters these factors alone and decide to choose their own paths as opposed to a life of crime (Inchaustegui, n.d.). Just because a person faces poverty, homelessness, etc, doesn’t mean they don’t have enough resilience through personal courage, values, or morals to make a choice of lawful actions (Inchaustegui, n.d.). There are many aspects of these theories that appear outdated. This outdated material is due to the many community initiatives promoting community and cultural involvement in the lower class neighborhoods (Inchaustegui, n.d.). Immigrant communities disagree with the aforementioned portrayal. In the Latino community, especially, family and community means everything to them, yet they still have to leave despite thinking of everything (Inchaustegui, n.d.). However, for the most part, theories do address factors in neighborhoods that need constant attention, like counter cultures, drug trafficking, and the choice to form gangs (Inchaustegui, n.d.). With that being said, there are also as many aspects countering some of these crime inspiring situations as there are situations that foster it (Inchaustegui, n.d.). Prostitution Among Immigration Routes

According to "Wikipedia" (2015),  “Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment or some other benefit” (Prostitution). For immigrant woman, prostitution is an abysmal reality that results in death or being trapped in a location due to contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). However, as abysmal as it may seem, it is necessary for these woman trying to escape their current situation that often includes sexual abuse, physical abuse, and poverty. These immigrant women do not necessarily want to engage in prostitution, but use their bodies as a method for repaying traffickers that help them illegally enter into another country. There are also women who attempt to gain entry into another country on their own, and end up as prostitutes to earn money for basic survival and travel arrangements. According to University of Phoenix Prostitution along immigration routes video (2013) “We know that worldwide there is talk of the feminization of immigration, and 54% of immigrants throughout the world are women.” For the United States, illegal immigration is becoming an epidemic with the majority of immigrants coming through the Senora Desert region of Mexico. Moreover, the Senora Desert is notoriously known for a 30 mile stretch filled with nightclubs, brothels, and bars where female immigrants work as prostitutes to pay to pay their traffickers for entry into the United States (University of Phoenix,...

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