Critical Thinking

Topics: Gautama Buddha, Buddhism, Bodhi Pages: 2 (848 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Critical Thinking

APOL 104
December 3, 2012

Critical Thinking
Wow as I began to study this weeks assignment I am amazed. I have never studies the different so called religions. It was very hard for me to choose which religious worldview I wanted to write my paper on but I chose Buddhism. Part One: Buddhism originated during the sixth century before Christ was born. It is a branch of Hinduism which split and became its own religion. It was founded by a young prince Siddhartha Gautama who before he was a week old was prophesied over that if he stayed at home that he would become a wise and just king, but if he left home he would become a savior of humanity. Buddhism is better identified as a philosophy than a religion, because the Buddhist does not necessarily encompass a God. Buddhism is intimately associated to Gautama who had four visions which deeply disturbed him causing him so much dissatisfaction that he wondered frugally from place to place seeking peace. In his final two years of wondering he came to rest under a fig tree where he ultimately found his peace and received his spiritual enlightenment called “nirvana.” From that time on the fig tree has been called the Bodhi tree meaning “tree of wisdom,” and Gautama’s name became Buddha meaning “the Enlightened One.” Buddhism encompasses evil, and believes the solution is that suffering is life caused by desire and to stop suffering you must stop desire, and that the way to stop desire which would stop suffering are the “Eightfold Noble Path.” These eight steps are the right actions, speech, effort, livelihood, awareness, meditation, understanding, and thoughts and will deliver the Buddhist from their aspirations and bring him to “perfection.” Buddhist do not believe in God our creator so the ten commandments mean nothing to them but they do see stealing as wrong because to steal is the desire to have something that belongs to someone else. This desire is greed...
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