Critical Thinking Paper

Topics: Buddhism, Four Noble Truths, Gautama Buddha Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: December 5, 2014

Cody R Dixon
Critical Thinking Assignment
Fall 2014 APOL 104-C13

What is the Buddhist view on the Question of Origin?
Buddhist believe that everything depends on every other thing for existence. Everything is made from desire; you are a human because you desired to be one in addition to all other biological and physical forces at work in the universe. What is the Buddhist view of Identity?

Buddhists believe that the mind is set apart from the physical body. As long as the mind is active, embodiment can continue to occur infinitely. What is the Buddhist view of Meaning and Purpose?

In Buddhism, the main goal that we are to achieve is to end suffering. Buddha taught that humans are always suffering because they seek after things that can never give lasting happiness. All of Buddha’s teachings were based on suffering and how to attain happiness. In the quest for happiness, one must focus on the Four Noble truths which are a belief that: suffering is life, the cause of suffering is our desires, to stop suffering one must stop desire, and the way to stop desire is the Eightfold Noble Path. Through this Eightfold Path, a Buddhist releases himself from desire. What is the Buddhist view on the question of Morality?

Buddhists believe that moral behavior comes naturally to a person when they have mastered their ego and desires buy attaining metta (loving kindness) and karuna (compassion). Buddhists follow a group of principles called the Precepts. Precepts are used by Buddhists to determine how they make decisions in life and how to apply them in every aspect of life. What is the Buddhist view on the question of Destiny?

According to Buddha, destiny is neither controlled by God not predetermined nor by accident. Buddha taught that Karma is the primary source of life. With that said, Buddhists believe that Karma determines life now, and the destiny to follow.

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