Culture and the World of Business

Topics: Culture, Second language, Organizational studies Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: August 17, 2013
Some people feel as if culture really doesn’t have a huge effect in the business world, unfortunately they are sadly mistaking.
There are many things that can affect the business world. Culture just happens to be one of the most important. Culture especially plays an important role in language barriers in the business world, as well as the business atmosphere.

Culture is the set of values, beliefs, rules, and institution held by a specific group of people (Nickel and McHugh 81). Culture in the business world is even linked to language barriers. Foreign language skills can open doors for those who want to work in global companies, especially those who hope to work for brands where their native tongue isn’t spoken (king 1). Language is a very important aspect of ones culture. Communication in the world of business is crucial to the global market, there is really no way that a company in the U.S. can do business in another country without someone knowing how to speak that countries native tongue. English has in fact become the “lingua franca`” in many countries, why should anyone who already speaks English invest the time and energy to learn a new language or improve the English as a second language skill? Because truly knowing the language and culture of world business involves far more than basic grammar and conversation skills.

Culture can also be used in the business world as a way to provide comfort in the work place. Corporate culture, like any other culture, is a set of behaviors and codes that guide interaction (Maverick 226). Organizational culture can be described as

the “personality” of a company. An organization’s culture is not always easy to see; in fact you won’t necessarily find it in the company’s mission statement (Maverick 227). The culture of an organization operates at both conscious and unconscious levels. At it’s most basic, it involves deeply rooted beliefs, values, and norms held by members of the organization...

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