Curley's Wife and Women in of Mice and Men

Topics: Marriage, English-language films, Of Mice and Men Pages: 3 (531 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Facts about Curley's wife
She is never given a name
She is Curley's wife
She is pretty
She likes soft things like Lennie
Felt rejected from Curley
She died
She hasn't got many friends
She is manipulative 
She had her neck broken
She is flirtatious
Curly hair
Men think she is permiscuous 
She's lonely 
She wanted to be an actress
She was trying to punish her mum as she thought her mum had hidden the letter saying she could be an actress Marries Curley out of spite
Regrets marrying Curley
Doesn't like or feel anything for Curley
She wears inappropriate clothes for been on a ranch
She is not welcome anywhere
Almost childlike with Lennie
When Curley sees her dead he doesn't feel any emotion about her death Wears red - danger
Attitudes to women
Not many women mentioned in the book
The women are usually around are prostitutes
See Curley's wife as dangerous as they don't want to lose there jobs as she is the boss' wife Women seen as jail bait 
When alone they talk to Curley's wife so avoid her if others are present as they are worried they will lose her job When recently married Curley goes off with the others to see some prostitutes Steinbecks views of her from letter

She is genuinely a nice person but she has built up defences to protect herself from harm Shows that Steinbeck knows exactly what he wanted her to be like She uses her looks for attention
She is innocent 
I wasn't gonna stay no place where I couldn't get nowhere or make something of myself - Curleys wife Marginalising - to treat a person insignificantly - looloo, tart, poison, bitch, rat-trap, tramp, jailbait - all male standards for women The name looloo is also the name of slims dog

Clara's is the whore house and also Aunt Clara

Passage from Of Mice And Men
Part A
Curley's wife - "Sure I gotta husban' . You all seen him. Swell guy, ain't he?"  Steinbeck uses the feature of Curley's wife saying what she should be saying but it is dead and there is no passion in...
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