Dashman Case Study

Topics: Organization, Organizational studies, Risk Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: May 31, 2009
Dashman Case Analysis :
Question 1 a :
Human Behaviour:
1)Mansion’s Behaviour :-
Lack of involvement in the decision making process
Delegating style and did not use his authority by asking plant heads for the providing the necessary information. 2)Post’s Behaviour :-
Being too impulsive and too eager to show his presence.
Not open to feedback and ideas
Autocratic and bureaucratic
Tone of communication
Failure to understand organization culture
Lack of utilization of Larson and his expertise.
Did not think about the implication of the decision from the perspective of plant heads and purchase executives 3)Larson’s Behaviour :-
Should have explained the organization culture to Post.
Feedback of process failure should have been share with Post on timely basis (after a week) . Under current of conflict, Jealousy with Post.
4)Purchase Executives & Plant Heads :-
Non acceptance of new comer
Resistance to change
Fear of insecurity / uncertainty
Autonomy is threatened
True feedback on process has not been communicated.

Question 1 b :
Organisational Behaviour:
1)Lack of participative management
2)Organisation structure
3)Reporting clarity
4)No regular monitoring or follow-up
5)Large organization & geographically dispersed.
6)De-centralized management
7)Established practices and processes

Question 2 a :
Mr. Post’s place:-

1)I would have analyzed the current processes and practices followed in the company 2)I would have organized a meeting with plant heads to discuss and involve them in the decision making process 3)I would have utilized Larson effectively.

4)I would be open to feedback from others for continual improvement. 5)I would have send the communication to plant heads instead of purchase executives 6)I would ask the Larson to follow-up to identify the reason for not receiving the PO even after one week. Question 2 b :

Mr. Manson’s place:-
1)I would have briefed Post on the organizational culture.
2)I would have...
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