data security process

Topics: Computer security, Computer network, Broadband Internet access Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: November 26, 2013
1) Name and describe data security process.
It is about keeping data safe. Many individuals, small business and major companies rely heavily on their computer systems. If the data in these computer systems is damaged, lost, or stolen, it can lead to disaster. Key threats to data security. Such process can be done by using Passwords and encryptions. 2) Explain Internet and Intranet with a basic difference

Internet is a worldwide system of interconnected computer networks, when you connect your computer to the Internet via your Internet service provider; you become part of the ISP’s network which is connected to other networks that make up the Internet. It is available to the public. Intranet is a network that works like the internet but is only available within a particular organization and not to the public. An intranet may have web pages used to share companies’ specific data within that company such as internal telephone numbers, details of employees, companies etc. 3) Is switch smarter than hub? Justify your answer

Yes it is as it does essentially what a hub does but more efficiently but paying attention to the traffic that comes across it. It can also learn the particular addresses are so that most of the network traffic only goes where it needs to go rather than to every system. 4) Why data need to be converted analog to digital and vice versa? Which device is used to do so? Computer can understand only digital data in the form of 1’s and 0’s. So in order to process it. It has to be converted from analog into digital form with the help of analog Digital converter. To convert data from digital to analog a device (digital to analog converter) is required. 5) How to secure data network. Explain minimum two ways.

1) Firewall: A firewall blocks unauthorized connections being made to your computer or LAN. Normal data is allowed through the firewall but all other data is blocked. 2) Anti Virus: It is software where it helps us to protect our computer from...
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