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Topics: Western culture, Culture, Ancient Greece Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Wisdom in the western culture is not something that is taught or sought after very much. In many cases there are other kinds of motivation for learning such as finances, status and others alike. In rare cases, it seems, there are individuals who value the short and long term benefits of wisdom. Looking back to early western culture you can see through their writings and lives that our forefathers valued knowledge and wisdom and modern western culture is far from being as such today.

Modern university in western culture produces students that specialize in a particular area, or two, but they are not necessarily well rounded. The ancient Greeks seemed to believe that all individuals should be well-rounded and knowledgeable in all areas. This to me is a major problem with our education systems and more importantly, it stems from a flawed way of thinking in western culture. Many are specialized in a field but are limited to just that. Ancient Greeks were taught think a certain way and by doing this the idea was good ideas will lead to good actions. Diverse knowledge leads to broader success, so it is believed and that was proven correct by the ancient Greeks.

The bottom line is, the way you think impacts every decision you make in life. Knowledge without wisdom has led many to fall, but wisdom allows one to properly apply the obtained knowledge. It would be in the best interest of modern western culture to begin to teach the values of wisdom for this very reason. We can learn from the ancient Greeks build a more knowledgably diverse culture that is able to wisely assist in all, if not most, facets of life.

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- Good thinking was the flip side to good action
- We often overlook the rich interconnectedness of diverse branches of knowledge -
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