DBQ 2 Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greeks made many influential contributions to western civilization such as in the areas of philosophy, art and architecture, and math and science. In every sector of life, from law to politics to sport, the terminology and innovations of this period are still relevant today. In fact, it's fair to say Western civilization as we know it was made possible by the advancements made by our Greek ancestors. If the intelligent thinkers of the Ancient Greeks such as, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Hippocrates never challenged the way Greeks lived many of the ideas we have today would have never been established. Socrates was the original philosopher. Socrates dies from headlock, he had the choice to live a lonely life with food and water or to take the poison and he picked the headlock, because He believed the search for truth would lead to proper conduct. “The unexamined life is not worth living”, that was the quote that Socrates believed by saying that the purpose of life was personal and spiritual growth. Considered the nature of beauty, knowledge and what is right. His method was to ask questions, to try to expose the flaws in his fellow Athenians' preconceived notions. Socrates went on to teach Plato, the next great Athenian philosopher. Plato was a student of Socrates; he believed that only the wisest people should govern. His first book was: “The Republic” that described an idea government, not a democracy. From what Plato see the future all citizen would fall into three groups, the first one is farmers, second is artisans, warriors and the ruling class. And the smartest and the most intelligent person from the ruling class would be chosen as philosopher – king. He established a school called the academy – taught philosophy, science and mathematics. And Plato was a teacher for another philosopher Aristotle....
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