Dbq: Ancient Greeks Contributions Essay

Topics: Ancient Greece, Greece, Western culture Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: October 19, 2011
DBQ: Ancient Greeks Contributions Essay
The Ancient Greeks culture has made many wonderful contributions to Western civilization. The ancient Greeks affected our government, medics, and sports. The Greeks culture has had a very profound impact on the way people live nowadays. One thing that the ancient Greek affected western civilization is politics. It was the Greeks who developed a democracy, they were the very first. Pericles stated that he wanted all citizens to have an equal opportunity to serve the public. In both the US democracy and the Greeks democracy, political privilege can be use by citizens. (Doc.3). An example of a political privilege can be use by citizens in Greek was that laws were voted upon and to able to nominate by the assembly of all citizens. In the US when citizens are 18 and older they are granted the right to vote. In the US most of the democratic system that the government uses is either identical or very similar to the Ancient Greek system. Medics in the western civilization have been impacted by many of ancient Greece's contributions. Hippocrates, who created the Hippocratic Oath, also referred to as "the father of medicine”. The Hippocratic Oath states that Hippocrates will treat his patient to the best of his abilities and that he will refuse to give deadly medicine to his patients. (doc.4). Many medical students and doctors still take the oath and learn about it. Today, most graduating medical students swear to some form of the oath, but just usually a modernized version. Greeks affected sports in western civilization also. Myron's famous sculpture, the Discus Thrower (doc.8) is an example of a kind of sport in ancient Greek times that resemble the modern day javelin mixed with Frisbee. Greece was the first civilization to fuse sports and make it into a tradition. Greece was the hosts of the first Olympics, the sports that this involved were running, wrestling, boxing, javelin, and many more sports. In modern day western...
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