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Topics: Ancient Greece, Western culture, Ancient Rome Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Contributions from ancient Greece are still influencing our society today. The ancient Greeks improved our society with great inventions, ideas, and contributions to Western civilization. The Greeks’ contributions to Western civilization have shaped our society to be what it is today. Throughout the world, societies have been fashioned differently than the society would be if the Greeks had never existed because of the Greeks’ numerous contributions. However, the most distinct contributions to Western civilization are in drama, government, and philosophy.

The theater of ancient Greece is an important contribution because it has influenced much of the theater in modern day society. The theater and arts in the Greek society were mainly influenced by the classical period. Classical Greek theater was concerned with civilizing the emotions through reason, moderation, balance, and harmony (PK). Drama as we know it in Western civilization was created by the Greeks. Plays and shows took place on stages as parts of Greek festivities. Some of the first of these plays were tragedies, which were presented in a trilogy built around a common theme (PK). Much like today, tragedies are one of the main types of plays and many plays revolve around a theme or main idea. In Sophocles’ play, the main character, Antigone, defies the king’s orders for her not to bury her brother’s corpse. She then tells the king the theme of the play: no matter how powerful a mortal is, the gods’ rule should not be ignored (Doc. 6). Over time, the dramas evolved into more realistic stories. Euripides brought about this change in Greek plays by creating realistic characters and believable plots (PK). Ancient Greek tragedies conveyed themes and ideas still pertaining to modern day, such as good and evil, human nature, and human rights. Therefore, this contribution has influenced Western civilization greatly by giving theater dramas that rotate around a central theme.

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