Death Of A Salesman

Topics: Anxiety, Prostitution, Change Pages: 4 (1618 words) Published: January 7, 2014
Be the change you wish to see in the world" (Mahatma Ghandi). In the novel "Such is my Beloved" by Morley Callaghan Father Dowling's guilt later leads to the failure between both the prostitutes, Midge and Ronnie, and also Father himself. Due to each of the charactors, Midge, Ronnie and Father Dowling they each have life changing moments due to each others influences. Father Dowling starts off by being emotionally attached to the girls, but later it is evident that the two girls change him to having a physical attraction with them. Due to these girls, Father's life is ruined.

Firstly, they way that each character has acted towards one another throughout the novel changed the way the characters decided to live their lives. Father Dowling's advice was taken into consideration by Midge which made her think twice before she started to prostitute again. After a conversation with Dowling, a college guy tries to get Midge to prostitute for him, but she rejects him. Midge says to the college guy, "What do you think this is, a roadhouse? You get the hell out of here!" (37). Not only does she reject the guy and gets offended, but she starts to cry after. This situation has made it evident to the audience that Midge wants a change in her life; and also that she regrets the past decisions that she has made. With Midge having Father Dowling in her life, it has made her a better person and it gave her a greater self-esteem by showing her that she is loved.

Furthermore, it was the actions that Father Dowling did to help the girls out that went against his church's rules. Father got so caught up into helping Midge and Ronnie up that he forgot about the rules that he had to obey. Father Dowling has a big role and is very important in his catholic community as a priest that by him paying more attention to the girls and spending a lot of hours with them is disrespectful to the catholic society due to the lack of attention by the priest to the church. The...
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