Decriminalization of Prostitution

Topics: Prostitution, Prostitution in Nevada, Sex industry Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Legalization of Prostitution
Logan McGregor
Advanced Public Speaking

Introduction: Prostitution, one of the most highly controversial and contentious jobs in the history of mankind, is also revered as one of the lowest jobs of the career totem pole. Sex workers are often counted out, and their voices are rarely, if ever, listened to, but no longer should sex workers be ignored. They are human beings too and certainly have a lot to offer this great nation of America. Over 100 countries worldwide and the state of Nevada have integrated prostitution and it is has simply become part of society. I stand in front of you today to bring about change in America and that change is the legalization of prostitution, present to you a plan of action to accomplish this, and further, inherently prove to you that my proposal of action will be and has been proven to be successful. But, before we begin to understand the issue of prostitution and its prevalence in America, I would first like to define the term legalization as there have been many misperceptions concerning the term. Donna Hughes, Professor of Women’s Studies at the University of Rhode Island defines legalization of prostitution as the system of governmental laws and regulations of prostitutes wherein prostitutes are licensed and required to work in specific ways, and are prescribed health checks and required to present health status. Now, let us address America’s need for the legalization of prostitution. First and foremost, prostitution is a legitimate business. John Turley, senior editor and writer for the National Post comments on the issue stating, “Prostitution is like any industry. Make it illegal, and you give criminals a monopoly on its black market. Legalize it, and you give law-abiding enterprises the chance to compete.” Moreover, legal brothels are now operated as legitimate businesses very similar to strip clubs, and so attract professional customers- as opposed to underworld thugs and...
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