Define and Discuss Organizational Culture as It Relates to Human Resource Management

Topics: Hospital, Nursing, Health care Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Healthcare settings is an upcoming recognized organization.As an organization that operates on multiple backgroung and culture nurses it requires a proper planning.therefore organization culture is established in all companies including healthcare settings to bring all workers to work together.organization culture is a shared belief with values,norms,mission and vision. human resource do reallyb plays an important role in maintaining and restoring the values of organization culture through their workers.(reference). Organization is aunit that holds workes together that works hand-in –hand.organizationn culture is something of shared belief,norms,values,written or unwriiten rules of a organization.( ). The concept of an organizational culture is to hold and teach their employees in teamwork.the concept of organizational culture also distinguish one organization to the other.for example nurses only wears white uniform and a nurses cap,but nowadays every different hospitals have their own badge logos,uniform colours with different tones to distinguish healthcare workers according to their beaurachy ranks.the concept of an organizational culture of a hospital to make one’s hospital the number 1 in their region,country or maybe in healthcare sustain the organizational concept ,each organization has their own mission and vision and their core values.through this they can be recognized to be outstanding and different from other healthcare settings.for example the vision and mission of national university hospital practices “shaping medicine for the future”,”advancing health by intergrated clinical care,research and education”, and”teamwork,respect,integrity,compassion,excellence”.they also do have a service slogan of”greet&smile,go the extra mile,delighted to serve,deliver with love”.throuh all this words it really encourages nurses to join and serve for this hospital. the organization makes sure this is all taken care by...
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