Defining community

Topics: Sociology, Old age, Gerontology Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Defining Community
1. How have Lee and her colleagues defined community?
Lee and her colleagues defined community as people who share characteristics and problems; elderly living in poverty. 2. What theoretical perspectives would you use to define community in this case? The theoretical perspectives I would use to define community is conditions and problems, and strengthens and weaknesses. Participatory Processes and Actors

1. Identify the social networks that the agency has forged with the community. How might these be helpful in building community? The Case Managers’ Alliance is made up of Brookfield Nursing Services, University Medical Center Home Health Agency, Council for Family Services, and Volunteer Resources and Referrals Agency. The Case Managers’ Alliance could be helpful in building community because it unites agencies that have different resources for one common goal. 2. Where on the continuum of stakeholder participation do the actors in this case study fall? Have necessary stakeholders been included in timely and appropriate ways? Are the voices of elders heard in this needs assessment process? Why or why not? The actors are individuals and organizations that provide raw materials, goods, and services to a community. I do not think necessary stakeholders have been included in timely appropriate ways. The voices of elders were heard in the process because the majority of the people survived were agencies that served the elderly population. The elderly that were survived were also from a program in the center not from the community. 3. How do you think the preexisting relationships among the CMA organizations affected the process used to gather community-based involvement, support, and information from the community? What were the power dynamics? The preexisting relationships among the CMA made the process easier when gathering information because they are already connected and know exactly who to contact. 4. In what ways did the influence...
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