Definition of Organizational Development

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1. Definition of Organizational Development.

Organization Development is a body of knowledge and practice that enhances organizational performance and individual development, by its planned process of change among the various systems within the overall system. This is as one of organization-wide effort to increase an organization's effectiveness and/or efficiency which include the support from the top management to the bottom. The aspects that will include in this process are like ability to cope changes, development on new creative solution and the implementation of behavioral science theory.

2. The purpose to achieve organizational development.

Making individuals in the organization aware of the vision of the organization. Organizational development helps in making employees align with the vision of the organization. Encouraging employees to solve problems instead of avoiding them. Strengthening inter-personnel trust, cooperation, and communication for the successful achievement of organizational goals. Encouraging every individual to participate in the process of planning, thus making them feel responsible for the implementation of the plan. Creating a work atmosphere in which employees are encouraged to work and participate enthusiastically. Replacing formal lines of authority with personal knowledge and skill. Creating an environment of trust so that employees willingly accept change.

3. How to achieve

The organizational should going through the systematically process of collecting data about an ongoing system relative to some objective, goal, or need of that system; feeding these data back into the system; taking actions by altering selected variables within the system based both on the data and on hypotheses; and evaluating the results of actions by collecting more data. (French and Bell (5) describe Action Research)

4. Organizational life cycle

Grow Matured Declined Pass Away

5. Organizational...
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