Topics: Major depressive disorder, Bipolar disorder, Seasonal affective disorder Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Depression Speech.

We all get the blues sometimes, but when those bad feelings hang on for weeks or even months, it's probably more than a response to the ordinary hard times that everyone goes through in life, It may be an illness called Depression says “Teen Health and Wellness”, edited by Jan S. Hittelman published April 2012. Depression is when someone feels sad, discouraged, hopeless, exhausted, and alone for a long period of time. Depression is the second largest killer in the United States. About 1 in every 8 american teens suffer from Depression. Today I’m going to talk about who depression can happen to, the different types of depression, and How to tell if someone has depression and how to get help for them.

Depression can happen to anyone, It can happen to preschoolers, children, teenagers, young women, young men, and also elderly people. It can also easily happen to famous people. For example Abraham Lincoln, Mike Wallace,Sylvia Plath, Winston Churchill, Georgia O'keeffe, Janet Jackson, A.J. McLean, Kurt Cobain, Gerard Way, Mark Twain, and even Disney Channel Star Demi Lovato have suffered from some sort of depression. When someone is depressed it doesn’t just affect them. It can affect everyone around them too. According to The National Institute of Mental Health, published May 10th 2012, children and spouses around depression suffer almost as much as the depressed person does, although in very different ways. Children don’t always understand what is happening if they have a depressed parent. Often times they become frightened and fear their parents safety. Spouses often feel neglected, They fell as if they have to take on a lot more responsibility. Also people who suffer from depression usually start to fail in the working world. They become unable to meet requirements, they get frustrated and usually end up quitting or getting fired. They also get distanced from their co-workers. When someones depressed they don't usually tell their...
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