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MAN 3025 – 007

Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior
Fall 2012
Davie, LA 331
Tuesdays, 7:10 – 10:00

Professor Information| Office Hours|
Dr. Stephanie Castro| LA 421|
LA 421| Mondays and Tuesdays, 9 - 12|| |
954-236-1350| |

Professor Bio
Dr. Stephanie L. Castro – Ph.D., University of Miami, 1998. Dr. Castro is an Associate Professor teaching Organizational Behavior in the College of Business. Her research and teaching interests include organizational behavior, leadership, and research methods. Prior to joining the faculty at Florida Atlantic University, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Miami, teaching Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management. She also held a position at Louisiana State University as an Assistant Professor for 2 years. Dr. Castro has published in Educational and Psychological Measurement, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, and the Leadership Quarterly. She is an active member of the Academy of Management and the Southern Management Association. Currently, Dr. Castro is on the editorial board of Leadership Quarterly and serves as an ad hoc reviewer for other scholarly journals. She has recently served a 5-year term in the Research Methods Division of the Academy of Management, progressing from Preconference Program Chair to Division Chair.

Required Text and Materials
Principles of Management (Flat World Knowledge)

Course Description
Unfortunately, many companies are characterized by poor performance, low morale, high turnover, and terrible product / service quality. These issues and the ways managers can handle them comprise the major core of the material in this course. Students will be introduced to various managerial principles including planning, organizing, staffing, leadership and control techniques. A behavioral science foundation of individual needs, motivation and group processes will be utilized.

Course Prerequisites and Credit Hours
Junior standing.
3 credit hours

Course Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will
1) gain increased knowledge and understanding of the topics of management and organizational behavior, and 2) gain a functional and practical understanding of how individuals, groups, and organizational structures impact organizational effectiveness. -------------------------------------------------

Grading Scale
PointsGrade PointsGrade PointsGrade
426-460 A 366-379 B- 306-319 D+
412-425 A- 352-365 C+ 288-305 D
398-411 B+ 334-351 C 274-287 D-
380-397 B 320-333 C- < 274 F

Incomplete grades will only be assigned with documented reasons for inability to complete assignments, and are not an option for failing students (see below). Grades are posted on BlackboardTM. Students wishing to discuss course grades have within 5 days of general notification of grades to the class to do so.

Course Evaluation Method
A research paper and three exams comprise your grade in this course.

Research project160 points
Exams300 points
Participation??? points

Total460 points

Research Project
One research project is required, and it makes up almost 35% of your final course grade. This is good – it means 35% of your grade is completely within your control! The project is comprised of (1) a written paper and (2) an oral presentation. This is a group project for which you are expected to select your own group members. The only...
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