Developing Corporate Culture

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Task 1 Culture and objectives
This essay is to understand the corporate culture in an organisation. Culture is that term that is regularly used in workplace discussions. The concept of corporate culture is particularly important when attempting the organisation-wide change. There's been a great deal of literature generated over the past decade about the concept of organizational culture -- particularly in regard to learning how to develop organizational culture. Culture is the path to the success of the organisation. It refers to the performance because it is directly concerns with the behaviour of an organisation.

1 Characteristics of Corporate Culture Affects the Achievement of the Organisation Honda (Literature Review) Parker (2000) asserts that culture is primarily concerned with social control. This area of interest continues to develop as a debate around the theory that cultural control is mediated through ‘identification processes ‘which are embedded in narrative (Alvesson and Willmott, 2002; Humphreys and Brown, 2002). Chan and Clegg (2002) argue that the discourse of ‘corporate cultures’ relates to a cultural process of human development, a process which is articulated by Thompson (1990:124), as involving: “a general and progressive process of human development, in the mind, faculties, manner and comportment through education and training, and hence, becoming cultivated or civilised”. This definition, I believe, encapsulates the essence of culture as a control process. Thompson argues that the subjectivity of the self is targeted by a dominant group to craft a ‘linguistic habitus’, (Bourdieu, 1991) or in layman terms a dominant group controls the way in which people may talk, the words they use, their grammar and in doing so they control concepts in use and thus how people think. Culture effects the achievement of the organisational growth as it is a very debatable issue, so let’s understand it by one theory. A culture is the drive force that pushes the organisation towards growth or towards decline. In peter and waterman words (1982) it is a psychological theory of the link between organisational and business performance. Honda motors is having the very strong culture in between the organisation in between their employees they believe that if they sit together while for their lunch time to share their values and norms with each other that is why each plant of Honda motors have the one café area for managers and general managers, in that sense to tie them in strong relationship of success. Honda motors believes is good climate or they have very good corporate culture on the organisation, that is understand by the number of activates performed by Honda as an organisation. There is one parking lot for each employee either he is manager, co-manager and general workers, they believe that there is relationship is every employee so their one café area where every employee of Honda motors seat and have their food with common understanding and share their values and objectives for the growth of organisation. Their manufacturing units are designed in such a way so that manager can watch the performance of their workers from their office. 1.1 Models of organisation culture can be used to achieve organisational objectives Before understanding the models of organisational culture, it is necessary to understand the objectives for Honda motors. Honda motors have one objective and that is, how they approach towards growth in the current economic situations? What are the policies and procedures Honda motors has to fallow to give the challenge to their competitors as well as to meet out the demands of their customers? In short an objective of the Honda motors is the process that is fallow by them to meet out challenges in between their growth.

Let’s look out the elements specifically
Strategy: - plans make to build the competitive advantages over competitors. Structure: - how they organise themselves?...
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