Development of the Polis in Archaic Greece

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 Development of the Polis Extended Response
The polis first originated in Greece, which was built by the people who had colonised in Greece. This was all during the archaic period which was c. 8th and 9th century in 800-500BC. The Hellenes (the Greeks) of Archaic Greece had extensive knowledge on how to make a working successful city-state. The Hellenes settled into many places or “city-states” which later on became known as, Athens, Sparta, Thebes, Corinth, etc. Many city-states were built on the same plan but all had their own unique way of making theirs different. The Development of The Polis played a big part of Greek history, it is where everything started. A polis to be precise is a city-state where people colonised and built it up. In the city-state of Athens the acropolis was built. Athens was the largest city-state, controlling over 200,000 square hectares of land which some went into other city-states, so in turn Athens owned other city-states as did other ones. People thought of this as the highest point which was the closest to the Gods, so often many people went there to talk to the gods but, mainly inside the Parthenon which is located on top of the acropolis. Both, the acropolis and the Parthenon are considered spiritually important in the development of the city-state. Even though this was not a temple as such people prayed here to the Gods and Goddesses for everything, daily life things to pray for a good marriage. The polis differed from each colonised area, but many were mountainous which made it almost impossible to build on and farm the land. Agriculture was one of the main sources of income for many families and individuals. Most of the products that came from the farms was taken to the Agora (market) and sold or traded off to other countries such as; Egypt (where Greece had also colonised one area) and the Arab lands. This was very successful in the expansion of the Greek trade but, piracy started to interfere where goods...
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