Topics: Old age, Geriatrics, Middle age Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: July 16, 2013
To Send Senior Citizens To Old Folks Home

Nowadays, the percentage of sending senior to Old Folks Home is increasing all over the world. People thinks and cares about themselves rather than senior citizens. Many people believe that they will be considered cruel, irresponsible by sending a senior to Old Folks Home. Filial piety is an important in our culture and if the senior citizens lives in Old Folks Home, his or her children are considered to abandon them, don’t take responsibility to look after their parents. Sending senior to Old Folks Home is not common in Malaysia, because Malaysian peoples would have closed relationship with family members. 

However, there are many family still didn’t have the responsibility to take care of the seniors, especially when the seniors are sick and their children are busy working every day. A lot of the health problems that a senior citizen encounters are often giving problems to their family. As most of the family members have to work or do other business, it becomes very hard to favor them to appropriately take care and look after the seniors likes our parents, or grandparent, aunty, or uncle. The situations will become worse if the seniors already have grave health concerns that need a regular medical awareness as most of us didn’t have enough nursing knowledge in taking care of the seniors.

The best solution to solve this problem is to sending the senior citizens to Old Folks Home. We agree to send the senior citizens to Old Folks Home because there were provided proper health care services, to assist the seniors in conducting daily tasks, to expand the social life of the senior citizens, to make sure the quality of life for the seniors, enabling the seniors to be independent in the best way they can as well as increase their capacity to interact with the people around them without over relying their children and etc. Safety. Some elderly people have significant health problems requiring more monitoring and care...
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