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AP World History
Test Review for “Classical Empires of the Ancient World” Empires to Review
Persia, Classical Greece and the Hellenistic World, Rome, Qin China, Han China, India.


Identify the following:

Julius Caesar
Hippocrates Peloponnesian War
Alexander The Great
Mandate of Heaven
Chinese Dynastic Cycle Augustus Jesus
Paul Constantine
Minoan Hannibal
Mycenean Darius
Trojan War Homer
Hellenistic Gaul
Pax Romana Pericles

Answer the following questions:
1. Who dominated Greece after the Persian Wars?

2.The Peloponnesian War was between what two groups?

3.What was Alexander’s most lasting achievement?

4.What city in Egypt became the center of the Hellenistic world?

5.Which geographic features of Greece provided a link to the outside world?

6.How did the geography of Greece help create city-states?

7.According to Aristotle, what was the best government?

8.Explain how Athenian democracy worked.

9.Who established an empire that extended from Greece to Egypt and India?

10. Why did Diocletian divide the Roman Empire into two parts?

11. How did the Roman legal system contribute to unity and stability?

12. What was Rome’s attitude toward the Jews of Palestine?

13. The Pax Romana ended after the death of which Roman emperor?

14. How did the wealth acquired from winning an empire affect Rome?
15.Roman art and literature blended with that of which other civilization?

16. The decline of the Roman republic followed a century of civil wars fought over what question?

17. Which city did Constantine make the center of power for the Roman Empire?

18. What was Rome’s attitude...
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