Did the Delain League Turn Into an Empire

Topics: Ancient Greece, Pericles, Delian League Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: July 25, 2013
el * Intro: The Delian League formed in 477BCE and was an alliance of Ionian Greek states. Because Sparta was unwilling to fight against Persia, Athens took its place and formed the Delian League to fight against the Persians and protect the smaller islands.

* In my first paragraph: The original aims of the Delian League created by Aristides were to protect the already liberated Greek city-states from Persian attack and to attack and regain losses during the Persian wars. The Athenian long-term aim was to dominate the Aegean area.

* The Athenians were interested in the Delian League helping safeguard the corn supply, protection against Sparta, obtaining precious metals from the Urals, securing timber for ship building and major economic aims.

* In my 2nd: The League’s meetings and treasure were held at Delos, the role of Athens was to be a military leader, command military operations, organise member contributions of ships or money and to uphold the principles of equality. All members took an oath of permanence “I will not revolt from the people of Athens nor will I permit another to do so” members of the deleian League were independent but had a responsibility to other members. It is clear at this stage that the members of the Delian League were a building block to the Athenian empire.

* The Delian League proved successful in expelling the Persian from the Aegean clearing pirates from the Ionian Islands. A fleet of ships was sent to Egypt to help with the revolt against the Persians but this ended in failure for the Athenian fleet in 454BCE.

* In my 3rd: Under Cimon Athens transformed from a protector to a suppressor between 477 and 460 BCE. Cimon used the Delian League to establish Athenian imperialism and prepare the way for the Athenian empire; he then merged the original aims of the Delian League with the ambitions of Athens.

* He furthered the Athenian interests under the League by driving the Pausanias out of...
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