Dimensions Diagnosed Through Questionnaire

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A questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents. They are used with ease and by the persons inside the organization. There are a number of standardized questionnaire for Organizational diagnosis. Choice of the questionnaire depends on the purpose of diagnosis.

There are many dimensions that could be diagnosed through a questionnaire. The following are the dimensions more frequently studied for diagnostic purposes.

General Organizational Health:
The general well being of an organisation could be measured through Questionnaire. The organizational health is indicated by a comprehensive index obtained through the measurement of perceptions of employees of the organisation. The questionnaire deals with the health of the organisation on all possible variables like psychological, organizational political, behavioral, managerial and organizational that affect the functioning of the organisation.

For example, the Corporate Health Questionnaire, the premises of this instrument is that the financial health of the corporation is directly dependent on the cultural health which under girds the organization. The employees need to have the feeling of security, job satisfaction and fulfillment, trust, leadership, team spirit and convenient working hours. The conflicts, prejudice, tension, distortion of communications with in the organization all will cause unhealthy organization.

Organizational Culture
Organizational culture is the personality of the organization. Culture is comprised of the assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs (artifacts) of organization members and their behaviors. Organizational climate variables are similar to organizational health variables. Organizational culture is studied normally in a descriptive way whereas organizational health is studied in an evaluative way. Individualism, Power...
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