Discriminations Faced by Sex Worker’s Children in the Society

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A society is a mixture of different types of people who live in an area. But all the time all of them are not treated well as a social being. Some people are underestimated in the society because of their social status. Among those people sex workers’ children are noteworthy who are discriminated in our society.

I have done this research paper on “Discriminations faced by sex worker’s children in the society”. In our country, sex workers’ children lead a miserable life. They are always discriminated in every sector of their social life. As a result, their morality erodes day by day and they get frustrated with their life. These sex workers’ children live their everyday life watching their mothers being exploited and ultimately resigning themselves to the same exploitation. Small children help their mothers in household chores and bring refreshments for their mother's clients. Boys tend to become pimps once they grow up and girls continue in their mothers’ profession. Most girls enter the profession before the age of 12. At the age of going to school they are entered in the dark death trap which is really a shock for the society.

In this background, a study is done to understand the life of children of sex workers. Usually people have a belief that children of sex workers are more prone to sexual operation, they have a low self -esteem, and they have no opportunity for education and so on. There is partial truth in this. But it will be a fallacy if we put the sex worker’s children with all the problems on the one side and other children having a better life on the other side. The lives of the children are determined by many interwoven cultural factors, social environment, physical facilities, opportunities for socialization etc. Sometimes children facing many difficulties in their situation develop better survival skills and they may have more reflexive capability. But the specific problems of children of sex workers like the shame they feel when others hate them should not be ignored. Today’s children are the future leaders, who will lead the nation towards prosperity. If society creates discrimination among general and sex workers’ children it would create a gap in between them which is not good at all. Therefore all of us including Government and NGOs should take proper steps regarding this to solve or minimize discrimination and to utilize these children by providing them their deserved opportunity and to let them lead life as general people in a society.


Sex business or prostitution in Bangladesh is legal, however the Bangladesh constitution provides that the "State Shall endeavor to prevent gambling and prostitution." Female sex business is legal, but male sex business is not, although local NGOs claimed it was common in the major cities. The authorities often ignored the minimum age of 18, often circumvented by false statements of age, for legal female sex business. Sex business was legalized in 2000. The Constitution states that each individual is entitled to choose her own profession/occupation or trade. Taking advantage of the vulnerability of the poverty-stricken or opportunity seeking people, unscrupulous persons (flesh traders) coerce, entice, lure or sell minors and other gullible persons into prostitution. They make them execute affidavits in front of false magistrates/impersonators stating that they have gone into prostitution of their own volition and they are over 18 years old. There a huge number of brothels in Bangladesh. Among them Daulatdia brothel of Goalondo (Rajbari) is one of the largest brothels where 1600 sex workers serve 3000 customers daily. Police estimate more than 15,000 women and children are smuggled out of Bangladesh every year. Bangladesh and Nepal are the main sources of trafficked children in south Asia. A huge number of Bangladeshi women and girls are forced into the brothels of India, Pakistan, Malaysia, UAE...
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