Discuss Ways In Which Yeats Presents Memories In Broken Dreams

Topics: Poetry, The Flaws, Stanza Pages: 3 (1539 words) Published: March 11, 2015
 Discuss ways in which Yeats presents memories in ‘Broken Dreams’ Main 3 themes= memory-old growing memory- associated with negetivity memory-beautiful- Maud Maud Gonne= pinnacle of his memory ‘you are more beautiful than anyone’ ‘And yet your body had a flaw / Your small hands were not beautiful’ – her flaw were what separated her from the angelic persona of an angel but it was this very flaw that made her perfect- hence the reason she was such an overpowering part of his memory- unforgettable. Brings him down in the process, describes himself as ‘some old gaffer’. And compares himself to the ‘young men’. She over powers/takes over his memory.

Rhyme and form is not definite- showing the inconsistency in the stability of his mind set and memory due to the heart break she has caused him. – Rambling talk (unsure), ‘muttering like a fool’ as he said is what his memories were. ‘Image of air’/’vague memories, nothing but memories.’ –this is a repeated point which over emphasises the fact that Maud Gonne never materialised she was technically just a figure of his imagination. Being 52 when writing this poem Yeats had been turned down many a time and ‘broken dreams’ caused by his aging as everything is in the poem- ‘a young man when the old men are done talking’ Structure-goes from unflattery to flattery.- movement of his Other poems to compare to= ‘the wild swans at coole’ and ‘the cold heaven’- strong elements of memory and also dominated by memories of Maud Gonne.

In ‘Broken dreams’ Yeats expresses the dominant theme of memory, which proves to be a common theme throughout many of his poems such as ‘the cold heaven’ and ‘wild swans at coole.’ The theme ‘memory’ is accentuated by the exaggeration of aging through techniques such as the deterioration of rhythm and rhyme. However, the predominant character of the poem, Maud Gonne remains to be a strong memory throughout the poem which shows that she is a memory he is unable to forget even through age. At the...
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