Economic Structures Surrounding Prostitutes and Escorts

Topics: Prostitution, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 4 (1093 words) Published: October 13, 2013

Economic Structures Surrounding Prostitutes and Escorts

Prostitution has had a large effect on a society till today. The society views the prostitutes in many different kind of ways as the demand for prostitutes continues to grow. The prostitutes are sometimes known as the slut, scamp and even a whore since past times till today’s world. The roles of prostitutes have been evolving since the past century and have been through many significant changes since then. In those days, women were mistreated by men. The women were classified as weak and uneducated people. The women were only housewives back then. Even though, women had difficulties earning their income, prostitution was their only solution to make a living instead of being nothing. But some women chose to be a prostitute as it satisfied their standard of living. However, currently most women have the right to have a job and earn their own income. Nevertheless, now the prostitutions are the most dominant labour market for the women. Despite the change of history, the supply and demand of prostitutes never decreases as sex will never be scarce and there are no competitions between prostitutes.

During those days, prostitutes were associated with drugs, crimes and social condemnation. The prostitutes were discriminated and use by men as sex machines. Women have traditionally been referred to in terms of their reproductive organs and functions-either as reproductive machines and providers of sexual services deemed part of conjugal duty to husbands in marriage or as providers of sexual pleasure to men outside the institution of marriage.1 This showed that men were dominants and women were their sexual pleasures.

However, women have changed and became more educated as the world modernized and globalize. But there are still wage differentials between a man and a woman. That is because women have a slightly lower GPA than men, women work fewer hours than men, and lastly women takes a few weeks off due...

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