Education Reform

Topics: 19th century, Minimum wage, Education Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Reform-To change something for the better. That’s exactly what happened in the education reform in the mid 19th century. Now because of the education reform it doesn’t matter your gender or class anybody can go to school. This also refreshed the United States national identity to a better state. The Education Reform made the longest lasting impact on today’s society.

Before the mid 19th century many kids couldn’t go to school based on there gender or class. A big motivation for the education reform was that all children should have the opportunity to learn at a high level. After Horace Mann led the education movement over the next couple decades the percentage of American children going to school doubled because now it didn’t matter your class or gender. This is a long lasting effect because the U.S. went from all kids being educated by their parents to every kid in America having to opportunity to have a good education.

Now because of the U.S.’s movements such as the Education Reform the U.S.’s national identity changed. Europe and Asia always felt the education is an important system to keep national and cultural unity. Now by having kids going to school by law this improved the U.S.’s national identity for the better and this help our national and cultural unity. Now because of this reform education now a day is very important. Even though the U.S. isn’t quite were some Asian and European countries are with education, but we are a lot better now then we were back in the mid 19th century.

Children that were poor in the 19th century before the reform couldn’t get whatever job they wanted to because they didn’t have the right education, they would probably have to get a factory job or something that is minimum wage. But this is not the case today! Now say a child that is poor today, they can still go to school and chase their dream or job that they want. This obviously has a long lasting affect because now any boy or girl can chase their dream job...
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