Elder Visit 1

Topics: Ageing, Gerontology, Death Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: January 8, 2014
Elder Visit #1

Today is September 18, 2011. It is Sunday around 8am and I decided to spend my morning visiting a lady named Patricia. I met Patricia one day when my husband was doing some renovation on a friend’s house. She came over to ask for help, ever since then we have kept in contact with her. According to Hooyman and Kiyak, “Chronological aging is the definition of aging based on a person’s years lived from birth” (p.4. 2011). Patricia’s chronological age is 72. She has been living since 1939. We have a huge difference in chronological age. My chronological age is 25 and I have been living since 1986. Although this is the case, we still call each other friends.

The minute Patricia opened the door; I noticed how tired she looked. I asked her if she was doing well and she explained to me that she was a little sick. She was coughing a lot. She slowly opened the door to let me in and closed it slowly behind me. Patricia explained to me about how happy she was to have me visit her. She thought I forgot about her just like everyone else she knew. Patricia walked over to her couch and slowly sat down. She told me to sit across from her in the living room.

It is apparent Patricia is suffering from health deterioration, which comes with aging. The assessment of a person’s functional health is based on “an individual’s ability to perform basic personal care tasks such as: eating, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, getting in or out of a bed or chair, caring for a bowel-control device, and walking (the most common ADL limitation for older adults)” (Hooyman and Kiyak, p. 119, 2011). She would have a high functional health score due to her ability to complete the common tasks of daily life. For her age, it is a really good thing she can function independently.

Patricia showed definite signs of aging in body composition. She showed noticeable changes. The human body undergoes normal body changes as age progresses (Hooyman and Kiyak, 2011 p.79)....

References: Hooyman, N. R. & Kiyak, H. A. (2011). Social gerontology a multidisciplinary perspective.
Boston, MA: Pearson Education Inc.
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