Elderly: Gerontology and British Columbia Ministry

Topics: Gerontology, Abuse, Ageing Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: May 16, 2013
This essay will discuss the barriers to older adults aging in their home close to their communities. It will be divided into several parts addressing policy, social isolation, elderly abuse, socio economic and cultural barriers of older adults aging. Te Whare Tapa will be used during this essay as a model which includes mental health, spiritual health, family health and physical health.

The New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy’s goal is to encourage and support the elderly to continue living in their own homes to maintain their personal independence as said by (Davey, 2006). Davey (2006) mentions the importance of the policy on ageing in the place is to represent older people who greatly value their independence and their rights. Aging in the place also has barriers that hinder independence stated by (Dwyer, 2000).

Seniors participating in communities/societies are an indicator of productive and healthy aging and through the support of others has a strong effect on their health. However a large amount of elderly are at risk of social isolation and loneliness as said by British Columbia Ministry of Health (2004). Factors that may put someone at risk for being socially isolated or lonely are poor health, disabilities, gender, loss of a spouse, living alone, reduced social networks, aging, transportation issues, place of residence and others such as poverty and low self-esteem. (British Columbia Ministry of Health, 2004, p.3) According to Tang (as cited in Ministry of Health, 1997), Social isolation and loneliness are problems that relate to the health of the elderly. Being socially deprived is as much of a risk for health as cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and absence of physical activity. The World Health Organisation (2003) believes that social isolation and exclusion are affiliated with high amounts of premature death, lower wellbeing, more depression and greater level of disability from chronic diseases. With social isolation and...
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