Elderly Needs

Topics: Psychology, Gerontology, Ageing Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Individual Reflection
For our group fieldwork ,we have decided on Hougang Neighbourhood park. Based on our group fieldwork, we found out that the neighbourhood does not only meet the physical needs of the elderly but also the social and intellectual needs of the elderly. An elderly person needs to remain as physically active as their health allows in order to maintain agility, strength, and to maintain their physical health. So physical needs that are found in outdoor recreation such as walking path ,basketball court ,foot reflexology path and park can be seen. Social needs are social activities with a circle of friends that elderly can depend on. Facilities such as elderly corner ,resident’s committee are built for the elderly. So that the elderly can hang around with other elderly when they are bored or they need some company. Activities are also often organized by resident’s committee to get the elderly together. Intellectually needs are also met. An aging mind needs activities to keep their mind active. Staying mentally active by learning new things, talking with others, playing games and solving puzzles also keeps the mind alert longer. Hence, elderly corner and resident’s committee are built as resident’s committee often organized a lot of programs for the elderly so that they can learn. Moreover, transportation were also built nearby so that it will be more convient for the residents and elderly. Retails such as mini marts, clinics, provision shops, hairdresser, hawkers can also be found. Hence, the hypothesis is wrong as it meets more than the physical needs of the elderly. It was hard to communicate with the elderly due to language barrier, and some chose to ignore us when we are trying to interview them. But we are glad that some of them know English and one of my group member knows how to speak direct, hence its easier. Base map plotting was also quite difficult as we...
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