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Elders People

An old disease cannot be avoided. Perhaps by using certain medications to face, stay beautiful and healthy body can slow the aging process. In fact, we are encouraged to pray to God to lengthen life. However, every living being will experience old age. Little by little the face and the body will show signs of aging. Edge points will be wrinkled, flabby skin, often feel aches and pains in the joints, the body will feel tired and short of breath easily be a sign of aging. At the same time, a way of thinking will change their path to increasing age. Whatever it is, people would not feel so upset when we change the mindset of standing with increasing age. People often feel intimidated when physical changes as we age. Internal organs of our body will lack a fully functioning with increasing age. Thus, we can see how the way people maintain his youth. For example, the ancients and encourage us to eat food salads that seem ageless. At this time, we prefer to use medicines and cosmetics tools to look young. Recently there able through pain just look young. Many among us are afraid to face his old age, when every living being will experience it. Is it so bad when we get old? if it is a sad and troubling old, why some of the leaders of the country, even world leaders are among the elderly. Although they are older, but they are still strong but also successfully led the country to greater heights. In Malaysia, another title for the elderly is elderly, veterans or senior. Senior citizens are those who have reached the age of 50 years and above. At this age, our people always assume they are more suitable resting at home alone and do not needs to do things that can contribute towards the direction of the surrounding community and personal development. This is not true. Despite their age, they should be actively involved in various activities in order...
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