Employee Turnover

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Dissertation presented in fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree: MAGISTER TECHNOLOGIAE: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

In the faculty of Business and Economic Sciences At the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University



DECLARATION “I, Sindiswa Victoria Mdindela, hereby declare that:

The work in this thesis is my own original work;

All sources used or referred to have been documented and recognised; and

This thesis has not been previously submitted in full or partial fulfillment of the requirements for an equivalent or higher qualification at any other recognised education institution.”

---------------------------------------------SINDISWA VICTORIA MDINDELA




The purpose of this study was to identify factors that impact on staff turnover and strategies that organisations can use to curtail staff turnover. To achieve this goal the following procedure was followed. 

An overview of theories related to staff turnover was conducted to identify what staff turnover is. Also the consequences of staff turnover, the classification and measurement of staff turnover and the broad theoretical explanation of staff turnover were investigated. The current brain drain experienced in the medical field was explored. A literature study was also conducted focusing on individual, job, organisational and environmental factors that influence staff turnover and strategies that managers can utilise to reduce staff turnover. Interviews were conducted with the chief executive officer and one doctor at Hewu hospital. Interviews were also conducted among senior nurses.

An empirical study was undertaken to determine individual, job, organisational and environmental factors that impacted on staff turnover among doctors and nurses at Bisho and Hewu Hospitals. The strategies that were utilised at these hospitals to retain doctors and nurses were also investigated.

Suggestions were made for addressing factors that could impact on staff turnover among doctors and nurses and strategies that could be utilised to retain staff. These strategies include:      Getting people off to a good start, Create a great environment with bosses whom people respect, Share information, Give people as much autonomy as they can handle and Challenge people to stretch.


Staff turnover is an issue that many South African organisations are currently facing and an issue that is especially affecting the medical field. Various factors, especially job and organisational factors, are not adequately addressed and these could lead to a high rate of staff turnover. It is clear that organisations should have a human resource strategic plan in order for them to effectively select, retain, train and develop employees. Health Care organisation could use the strategies identified in this study as a mechanism to benchmark how well they manage staff turnover. It is therefore important that the management of hospitals should strive to identify the underlying causes of labour turnover in their organisations and formulate strategies to address the problem.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to thank the following: •

The almighty God for giving me the health, strength and ability to successfully undertake this study.

Dr Amanda Werner, my research supervisor, for her kindness, understanding and professional guidance and encouragement and as a woman who has shown confidence in me.

My husband Lulama Majova for support and encouragement to break boundaries of knowledge.

My parents, that is the Mdindela and Majova families for showing me the importance of education, and for the support they have given me right through my life.

• •

Dr Per Peson, for assisting with the statistical analysis.

Ms Bulelwa Nguza-Mduba, director of...
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