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Topics: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Prostitution in Nevada Pages: 4 (1032 words) Published: November 24, 2014
Legalizing prostitution, yes or no?
1.0 Introduction
What is prostitution? Most of the people common stereotype of prostitution was and illegal job and all of the prostitute is they are all street walkers, drug addicted, controlled by pimps, and willing to accept a few dollar for their services. That’s many woman had been involved into prostitution, they had been involved because of poverty, kidnapped, drug and many else. But how many of them doing this job with their own will, I can said that many of them doing the job without their own will. There was many country illegalized prostitution activity, but for me I protest that prostitution activity must be legalized. Once prostitution activity legalized many victims will be rescued and many woman can make their own choice. 2.0 The choice for women.

First, prostitution activity must be legalized because we had to respect woman also have their own choice to choose. In India that’s many of under age children been prostituted by their parents just because of poverty. Through prostitution they can earn more income for their family, many of them was forced by their parents. True story happen in India, Pranitha was a girl that lived in India. Pranitha’s mother was a woman in prostitution, a prostituted person. She got infected with HIV, and towards the end of her life, when she was in the final stages of AIDS, she could not prostitute, so she sold four-year-old Pranitha to a broker just because of $400. Through this story, I can say that nobody want to involved prostitution activity. There have no choice to choose because they were forced by their own parents. They are sold in the name of adoption. They are sold in the name of organ trade. They are sold in the name of forced labour, anything and everything. I can’t said that legalized prostitution activity can saved many of the victims, but is better to decreases the number of victims. When prostitution activity legalized, they can make to become prostitute or not,...

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